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zhejiang naibang Valve co., LTD, Sam qaStaHvIS pump valve-oubei veng SuvwI' wenzhou veng zhejiang province.founded 2000, pa' hometown targhHom veDDaq noch valve manufacturer chut lulajpu'bogh, technical development, chavmoH lIng 'eb 'ej So'meH DIlmeH integrating, 'ej mIp production, SIQpu'bogh Sub HoS.

rIn DIS, latlhpu' vIlopQo' jay' 39 reH adopting 'entepray'; strongpoints, chab, exploitation qap laHlIj principle wa'DIch 'ej 'Il je 'entepray' tenet, jen laHlIj products je utmost nom speed, national andoversea clients jenwI' cham requirement yon manufacturing pol. nowadays, wey manufacturingmany bIquv valves wIqelchugh chemical industry, HoS poch, boiler, metallurgy refining, oil api, ansi(usa), bs(britain), din(german), jis, jpi(japan), gb, jb(china), Sar nonstandard products widely lo' neH oil, baS je, QaQ malja''e' qaStaHvIS Hoch around qo' ghajbogh electric powerthey 'ej toH Hev bycustomers.

recent DIS, exported united 'amerI'qa', vIraS, 'Italya', malaysia, barat, nigeria, 'eSpanya' 'ej around qo' Sep latlh, widely lo' neH oil, oil refining, chemical industry, HoS poch, boiler, metallurgy, electric powerand latlh industries cha' tlhIH qabDaj juH 'ej net Har: ngIlbe', vaj Hev pong customers products.

law' pov processing mechanical luch modernize inspection amp 'ej vIgha wey; 'elbogh products: ballvalve, checkvalve lo', valves, lojmIt valve, globe valve, butterfly valve, strainerand ngaj forged luch waH.


nominal pressure(class):150lb-2500lb(pn1.0mpa~pn42.0mpa);

workingtemperature:-101℃-+ 680℃.

Hat yoDSutlIj naQ, dual phase yoDSutlIj naQ (f51 ghap f55), aluminium bronze, titanium alloy, inconel, 'eS 'elbogh includecarbon Hap 'u' yoDSutlIj naQ, ss304, ss304l, ss316, ss316l, vIlopQo' jay' 20 alloy, chrome alloy, etc.

in order to customer jenwI'-laHlIj Dunmo' chavmoH 'ej DuHIvDI', pat certification such as api6d, ce, iso9001, rut, ect equipped wey.

waw' tenet persistent management taH exploitation, SeH laHlIj strict, favorable 'ay' 'ej naQmoH wanI'mey chavmoH. sincerely yI'el vast chu' 'ej qan clients Such 'ej with a view to commonly brilliant Hach wa'leS qang.

vIHtaHbogh quotation cooperation pagh enquiry vay' chorDaq, nuqneH Hot tlhab maHvaD email DeSDu' sale@nipovalve.com pagh tlha' enquiry chenmoH lo'. SoH contact representative sales 'emvo' 24 rep. qatlho' pumta' products.
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SoQ: No.43 Zhongxing Road, Tangtou Industrial Zone, Oubei Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, Kína
ghogh HablI': +86-577-67991298
nav: +86-577-67991298
email: sale@nipovalve.com
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